CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Compliance Made Easy

AMEE's CRC reporting tool ensures efficient and accurate compliance.

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"AMEE helped us comply with our CRC reporting and allowance purchasing obligations much more efficiently, saving us significant money, time and manpower in report preparation. The application is very easy to use, provides invaluable monitoring information and ensures a greater level of data accuracy, enabling us to report with confidence."

Louise Dumican, Legal Counsel

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Who does CRC effect?

Companies that consumes more than 6,000MWh of energy settled on a half hourly meter must report. Visit the Environment Agency site to learn more


Why use AMEE?



Web-based application enabling compliance management across your entire organisation or investment portfolio.


Data Collection

Simple, quick data entry for small businesses and large organisations with thousands of sites.



Intuitive, visual dashboards to monitor progress against compliance deadlines.



Automated calculation of your total financial liability and preparation of reporting information required by the Environment Agency.


Audit Ready

Document and data management to ensure efficient and accurate compliance with auditor requests

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